The Book


This work represents a new approach for non-surgical facial lifting. In addition to concepts and techniques, the book is inspired by the history of art and beauty through the ages. Presenting the sensibility in the works of classical artists, the book invites us to understand that the secret of beauty lies in movement and the ability to express emotions.

Functional beauty not only produces an aesthetic experience, but also contributes specifically to the valorization of individual beauty and expression.

Just as an artist does not repeat a work, doctors and living beauty artists should not copy a model, but should rather recognize that aesthetic treatment must be considered according to the particular characteristics of each individual, and understand that beauty is in the harmony of the whole, whether in repose or movement.
This new approach seeks to improve the perception and sensibility of the medical professional, so that they will be able to capture the essence of Beauty and expand their vision in relation to aesthetic treatment.
In this way, we will be sensitive to beauty as a whole and will be able to truly value it.
One of the most important functions of the face is the ability to express emotions and feelings through non-verbal communication. Unlike the artist who sculpts solid marble, the cosmetic dermatologist, as a “sculptor of the face”, has the mission of producing living beauty and valuing facial movements.